Assunpink Lake

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Assunpink Lake.jpgRoad map (891x448).  36K size.


Not much.  The lake is shallow with a small island in the western section.  Land on the north side of the island, if you want to explore it.  More than any other location on this web site, stay several boat lengths from the shore, because of the shallowness.  Be careful of the eastern end, which is very shallow & weedy.


See the Round Valley page for launch fees.


Get off at exit 11 on route 195.  Take Imlaystown Hightstown Road, north.  (If heading east, from Trenton to the shore, make a left at the exit ramp.)  When you reach route 524, less than 0.2 miles later, jog to the left to stay on Imlaystown Hightstown Road.  At the next stop sign, you will see a sign telling you that the Assunpink wildlife refuge is to the right; ignore it & go straight.  You will pass a bait shop on your left.  Right after the bait shop, the road turns to dirt and gravel.  Continue to go straight.  After you pass a turn off on the left (if you take this left, then the next right, you will find another launch area), the road splits.  Go 45 degrees to left.  This puts you in the parking lot.


There is plenty of parking, all on gravel.

Distance to the Launch Area

The parking area is close to the water's edge.


There are a pair of port-a-johns, on the right side, after you enter the parking lot.

Status of Launch Area

Closed until 27-Nov-2006.  Not the best for gel coated boat, because of the gravel.

Wind Conditions

It is a small lake, surrounded by trees.  Rarely is it a problem.

Power Boats

No power boats, but electric boats are allowed.


Do not know.  I have been here in the fall, two weeks prior to peak.  Nothing to write home about, but then it was not the peak time.

Rolling Practice?

Depends on the time of year.  There are times when the water fowl leave the lake stinky.  But there are days when it is clear.