Monksville Reservoir

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Monksville Reservoir mapStreet map (701x750).  191K size.  Weather conditions

Scenery Pictures of Monksville Reservoir

Shaped like a 'C', with the kayak launch in the upper tip, and the steel dam in the lower tip.  A very pretty lake, with the exception of that steel dam, the lake itself is a valley high up in the mountains ... and the wind conditions reflect that.  The dam area is over 1/2 mi wide, but most the lake has an intimate feel to it.  Keep some distance from the shore, since large sections of it are littered w. tree stumps, rocks, and weeds.

Watch the area near the dam: Confused water.  A couple who paddle here frequently mentioned that water is draining through vents in the dam, below the water line.  This area of confused water extends at least 300' away from the dam.

During the August 2008, I saw both a snake and an osprey eating its lunch.  Snakes are in every lake, but they are rarily seen.  In the same area that I saw a snake in Aug 2008, saw a large crayfish in Aug 2009.



Hours of Operation

8:00 → 20:00.


Take route 31 north, to route 202, then to route 287.  Take route 287 north to exit 57.

At the bottom of the ramp (where there is a traffic light), make a left onto W Oakland Ave; this quickly becomes Skyline Dr.  Take this to the end (your ears will pop along the way, due to the change in elevation).  Make a left onto Greenwood Lake Turnpike (a.k.a. route 511 N).  Make a right onto Beech Rd; prior to this, you will pass the Monksville Reservoir south & north boat ramps on your left.  Turn into the first (maybe only) parking lot on your left side; this is the boat rental launch.


Paved, but rocky parking lot.  Not a good place for wearing boat shoes.  Never had a problem finding a space.

Distance to the Launch Area

Borderline as to whether to use a cart.  About 50 yards, along a path through a field.


Like Splitrock Reservoir, there is an outhouse.

Status of Launch Area

Shallow, sandy, & calm (there is no area on the lake that is calmer).  Downside: A hike from the parking area, through a field.

Wind Conditions

Similar in layout to Merrill Creek, Monksville Reservoir is high up in the mountains.  Even on a nice day, the winds can kick up.  In 3 trips, I have yet to see calm conditions near the dam.  Its saving grace is that is not big, hence the waves do not have time to build a big fetch.

Power Boats

Limited to 10 hp.  Gas-powered boats tend to stay put once they find a good fishing spot.


Potentially a gem, but I have never been there during the peak season.

Rolling Practice?

Clean in some places, murky in others, weedy along large stretches of shoreline.  Long stretches of shallow shoreline have the problem of weeds, logs, & rocks being an obstacle to a roll.  There may be some places to practice, but I have not found them.